Resources for help with AP Computer Science A:

Khan academy program planning lesson:

Very gentle Java tutorials:

Free Introduction to Java courseā€”I took a look at the material and this course seems great because 1) the material looks to be comprehensive, all the fundamentals are covered, and 2) the lessons are broken up into bite-sized segments so you have a lot of freedom to choose which topics to spend time on:

If you don't like the Udacity course here is an alternative, although you will have to fake your way through making a 'teacher' account in order to access this material for free:

Game that provides algorithm design practice:

Here are some articles about algorithm/program planning:

Here are some more thorough materials on algorithm/program planning (read in the order listed):

AP Exam practice questions (to get full access to answers and explanations, you need to pay about $30, but you can see all of the questions for free):